Farm Love is the photo project of Sara Dent.  Sara studied organic farming techniques and permaculture design at the Linnaea Ecological Garden Program on Cortes Island, BC (Canada) in 2008.  Since, I continue to learn about the land, travel to different farms, check out permaculture spaces and photograph.  This blog celebrates farming and permaculture and shares this inspiration.

I began taking photos at age 16. When I started farming a decade later, I realized how much I loved capturing nature and the vast potential between image making and social change.  I believe that the image these days is as powerful as the pen and advocates one farm fresh egg and tomatoe at a time for change.  Light shows us our beautiful, natural world and conveys our inalienable right to live with an abundance of food, clean water and healthy community.

As a permaculture designer and educator, I want to share the love story that is re-growing globally between us and Nature.  Permaculture (working with Nature to design ecology-based human systems) unfolds our potential to live collaborative and non-harmful relationships with land and community.  Organic and ecological farmers around the world know that if we observe and work with Nature, she will show us the way- how to manage water, fertility, ‘pest problems’, drought, energy needs and more.  All of our contemporary resource issues can be solved through putting into practice intelligently designed low-input bio-systems across the myriad of spaces we live, garden and farm in globally: from the backyard to the country, from skyscraper rooftops to our precious forests and jungles.  I believe in a big dream- “that all of the worlds problems can be solved in a garden” (Geoff Lawton, The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia).   It’ll just take the socio-political will of many to make it happen.

From our hearts blossom the seeds of change, from our hands we sow our relationships with the earth!

My photo adventures on FLIKR. Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining or publishing images:

Farm Love copyright Sara Dent 2009-2015

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