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I Love Ecological Farmers

Its been a big year. Young Agrarians has turned from a seed into many plants as we work with more and more farmers and organizations across BC. The work growing the network is good, and admittedly stressful. The issues that new farmers face are various from access to capital and land, to the complexities of business start-up […]

Growing the Agrarian

Pasted from: My adventures into Agrarianism started back in 2006.  I was broke and needed a break from work and the big city where I had grown up.  I lived right in the middle of Downtown Vancouver at the time, ran a photography studio, worked a couple contracts and any extra time (which there wasn’t) […]

2012 Vancouver Urban Permaculture Design Course

  Learn How to Grow Your Own Food & Permaculture Design in the City! Downtown Eastside / Strathcona, Coast Salish Territories, Vancouver, B.C., Canada Classroom Location: Ray Cam Cooperative Centre Map Link here Course work + hands-on, organic gardening & permaculture practicum Course Schedule: Introductory Weekend, May 4: 6:30-9:30pm, May 5: 11am-6pm, May 6: 10am-5pm Saturdays, 11am-6pm, Sundays 10am-5pm: […]

Farm School

In 2008 I attended the Linnaea Ecological Garden Programme on Cortes Island BC.  I was part of a student learning community guided by Linnaea’s amazing and highly experienced farm stewards and the fauna and flora of the land.  We focused on organic farming techniques and permaculture.  During this eight month Permaculture Design Course, we worked […]

The Last Supper? – Reclaiming Food Systems: Physically, Spiritually & Visually

This photo project has an amazing story! “The Last Supper?” is a visual commentary on reclaiming our food sovereignty and ecological cosmology in a pre-post-fossil fuels era. The photo features the Linnaea Farm Stewards and the Garden Program Students from 2008 (Cortes Island, B.C.). I had an hour and a half to pull off “The […]

Vancouver Urban Permaculture Design Course

Vancouver Urban Permaculture Design Certificate Course with: Dent & Innes Learn How to Grow Your Own Food & Permaculture Design in the City! Downtown Eastside / Strathcona Coast Salish Territories, Vancouver, BC, Canada In association with SOLEFood Farm 72-Hour course work + hands-on organic gardening & urban farming techniques Facilitators/Educators: Sara Dent and Erin Innes […]