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Prarie Gold Meat + HMI

Blake Hall, of Prairie Gold Pastured Meats with baby pig in forest stand on farmland in Red Deer, Alberta. Blake practices holistic management (HMI). These pigs spend time in a forest stand helping to root up the forest floor, decompose the woody debris, turn up the soil, fertilize the land, and germinate native species. Blake […]

I Love Ecological Farmers

Its been a big year. Young Agrarians has turned from a seed into many plants as we work with more and more farmers and organizations across BC. The work growing the network is good, and admittedly stressful. The issues that new farmers face are various from access to capital and land, to the complexities of business start-up […]

Growing the Agrarian

Pasted from: My adventures into Agrarianism started back in 2006.  I was broke and needed a break from work and the big city where I had grown up.  I lived right in the middle of Downtown Vancouver at the time, ran a photography studio, worked a couple contracts and any extra time (which there wasn’t) […]

Young Agrarians

The Young Agrarians network building project I’m working on is growing, and its blowing my mind! Every week there is something going on…  A potluck to go to, a young farmer to meet, connections between people to be made… Young people are coming out of the woodwork from many different walks of life who are focused […]